A revolutionary liquid Descaler that rapidly and effectively dissolves non-soluble sedimentation deposits, all types of Water Scale, Lime and Rust. Dynamic Citric/Lactic and HCL, are free of Mineral Acids for Aluminum and Galvanised metals. This unique chemical blend is safe on All Ferrous & Non Ferrous surfaces and our environment.

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Proven industry leaders in cleaning all types of Toilet Systems and other Vacuum Pipelines. We supply and use the range of Cee Bee Maritime products and systems, including Scale Removers, for both Vacuum & Gravity Toilet and Drainage and General Cleaners, all of which are biodegradable that are used either for Maritime or Industry.

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We are a 24/7 company that provides planned and emergency in-house and on-site services such as Acid based Chemical Cleaning, Pickling and Descaling, Alkaline Based Cleaning, Degreasing and Oil Flushing, Hydro-blasting and High Pressure Washing. Vacuum and Pipeline Flushing for existing plant and equipment on planned shut downs.

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Our INNOVATIVE and EXPANSIVE range of diverse and dynamic industrial service projects are mobilised promptly, efficiently and cost effectively. Our range of services includes Vacuum Loading, Excavation, High Pressure Cleaning and Surface Preparation, Liquid, Solid and Contaminated Waste Removal, Plant Maintenance and Operations.

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News from Beralon

2602, 2019

Chem Clean vs Hydro Jetting

February 26th, 2019|0 Comments

One of the known limitations of Hydro Jetting:
When hydro jetting via “flexible lancing” through the boilers tubes, in many cases the hydro jet doesn’t reach all areas especially tight radius bends and in many cases leaving areas unclean with scale remaining in place that in due course can lead to the failure of one or more tubes through hot spots. For other known limitations, follow this link to read the full article on LinkedIn.

1904, 2016

Clean Air World

April 19th, 2016|0 Comments

Beralon is very pleased to be offering a range of Clean Air products in the Asia Pacific region through our new subsidiary business – Clean Air Asia Pacific. Our product range is based on a unique mixture which provides a more balanced and hygenic environment that eliminates pathogens and allergens that cause disease. Comprehensive information is available now on www.cleanairasiapacific.com.

Beralon has serviced the Royal Australian Navy for over 30 years in addition to commercial and private passenger ships and ferries.

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