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Beralon Pty Ltd is accredited ISO 9001: 2015 and has been for 24 years. The Company has been a Defence Approved Supplier and an OEM for over 22 years and is the major specialist in the East carrying out Chemical Cleans across the Fleet for the RAN. We have been engaged as an SME System Matter Expert by Royal Australian Navy (RAN) and have been responsible in assisting Navy with their Technical Work Instructions regarding correct procedures and methods when chemical cleaning is carried out and have been the specialists that the Navy calls upon when this work is required among the fleet.

Our long-standing reputation of excellent service and quality continues to service the Royal Australian Navy and visiting Foreign Navies under long and short term contracts. We are the leaders in Chemical Cleaning of all Cooling & Heating Systems on board where fouling prevents equipment to run efficiently.

Beralon is also a specialist in the Chemical Cleaning and prevention of Scaling in Vacuum Sewerage systems for both Maritime & Vacuum lines in Buildings known as (Black & Grey Lines), where we have been an exclusive supplier to the Maritime industry for the Cee Bee product range for over 6 years and have carried out over 50 cleans in this time al being with clients satisfaction and preventing shut down of their systems when blockages occur.

Beralon is the exclusive Australasian distributor for Dynamic Descaler, possibly the World’s safest & best Industrial Descaler through various outlets in Australia.

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Our success is the result of our commitment to delivering a cost-effective solution to each and every customer.
Our Company carries out Chemical Cleaning for industry in the field of Refineries, Pharmaceutical and Manufacturing, Food & Beverage Industries and also specialise in Boiler Chemical Cleans of all sizes around the country with full detailed reporting for all work completed.

We conduct Pickle & Passivation of Stainless Steel & Duplex to ASTM A380 and is ISO Accredited and is a Member of ASSDA.

These are some of the satisfied customers that we have served over the years.