Clean Air by Cee Bee is an initiative of that Cee Bee Maritime, leads the way in creating better hygenic indoor environments and is pioneering the use of probiotics to create a healthier balance and eliminate disease oriented pathogens and allergens. Hundreds of thousands of harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores share our living and working spaces and directly influence the quality of the air we breathe and impact our health. Clean Air by Cee Bee, is a unique system for delivering pro-biotic “good” bacteria which restores the natural balance of the air we breathe. This reduces sickness and allergies, improving wellbeing and creating and healthier environment in your personal and workspaces.

We act as Agents and Distributors for Clean Air in our region and have appointed Clean Air Asia Pacific – a newly formed company, with your health in mind, to bring healthier and more balances environments to our homes and workplaces. Our mission is to restore balance to our indoor spaces by harnessing nature to our aid. Instead of bacterial destruction, which is impossible, we encourage population exchange where colonies of pathogens are replaced by friendly bacteria in a natural way.

We work to not only educate people on the dangers of sick building syndrome, and other chronic conditions caused by poor air quality, but also explain how our Cee Bee Clean Air will create a healthy, natural and sustainable environment in any building.

Probiotic bacteria prevent the growth of germs responsible for sickness, allergies and odours by denying these pathogens the room to spread. Cee Bee Clean Air is an automated system that releases a patented mixture of environmental probiotic bacteria into the air. Fighting back against both airborne and surface-level bacteria, probiotics create a natural balance between these two types of bacteria, creating healthier living spaces.

We strive particularly to provide better air quality to vulnerable groups such as children, the elderly, and those suffering from respiratory conditions; and as well as commercial properties and home-dwellers we proudly service schools, hospitals, healthcare and aged care facilities.

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