Chemical Cleaning Services

Beralon is one of the most experienced and qualified chemical cleaning companies in Australia with a proud tradition servicing industrial, commercial and maritime customers, including the Royal Australian Navy for over 30 years. On site, or at our premises we provide a wide range of services.

Water borne sedimentation (scale, rust, lime, mud, silica) that builds up in the waterside of your equipment causes Billions of Dollars of losses in breakdowns, unplanned shutdowns, process contamination, higher energy costs and running &maintenance costs.

We provide chemical cleaning on site or at our premises, or if required can also provide chemicals and advice for your own use.

Chemical cleaning is an efficient and cost effective way to remove corrosion, deposits, residual oils and greases, and other obtrusive contaminants from tainted surfaces. Used as part of a structured maintenance program chemical cleaning can significantly increase the operational life and reduce the running costs of your equipment. Beralon offers the best solution for your chemical cleaning cleaning needs for an extensive range of plant and equipment,

Acid based Chemical Cleaning, pickling and descaling

Chemical Cleaning is an efficient, cost-effective way to remove corrosion, deposits and other obtrusive contaminants from tainted surfaces. This process is used to eliminate fouling, oxidation, process system corrosion, and decontamination of process lines and vessels. Chemical cleaning saves time and money, prevents costly shutdowns and expensive repairs, reduces energy & operational costs and extends the lifespan of equipment. Fouling on the waterside of equipment increases energy costs tremendously and it is estimated that fouling costs 0.25% of GNP in industrialized countries. For every 1mm of contamination a 10% efficiency loss is estimated.

Under strict Quality and OH&S procedures Beralon undertakes acid based chemical cleaning as well as Pickling and Descaling.

Some chemical cleaning services undertaken are:

New pipework installation of heating and chilled water systems or the cleaning of existing systems.

Low concentration acidic solution cleaning , using inhibited hydrochloric acid and ammoniated citric acid, to remove unwanted oxides and deposited scales from pipe surfaces, and boilers, calorific heat exchangers, condensors and cooling towers. Other organic acids can be used where availability and costs favour them.

Beralon has serviced the Royal Australian Navy for over 30 years, including the chemical cleaning of Fire Mains, Pipe Systems, Radars, Gunnery Systems, Missile Magazines, Vacuum Sewerage Lines, Fuel Tanks and Potable Water Tanks.

NEW – Hot Tank cooler cleaning, treatment and service

As at September 2015 we have introduced a new in-house full service for charge air coolers up to 1.8m X
1.1m X 0.7M. We offer high pressure steam clean, hot tank alkaline chemical clean to remove oils, paints
and carbon build up, passivation to prevent oxidation, brightening to ensure all brass and Cu-Ni looks like
new, and fin straightening to ensure coolers work more efficiently, together with repainting if required
in water, oil based or baked enamel.

Alkaline based cleaning, degreasing and flushing

Residual oils and greases can be removed with the use of alkaline based cleaning and flushing, covering any of the following:

Water, Fuel & Oil Piping Systems:

Flushing of oil and fuel system piping: This process is used as periodic maintenance to keep systems free of blockages and contaminants. Or as cleanliness after repairs to system piping.

Flushing of water systems: From fire main systems to potable water systems, removal of contaminants , chlorination of potable water systems, services of an industrial hygienist, passivation and neutralization, pipe passivation for cleanliness

Lubrication systems
Beralon has developed solutions over the years to ensure impeccable results to restore equipment to its original performance level. Regardless of the degradation or condition of the oil and grease, Beralon products will turn the situation around from oil varnish to carbonization, even the most difficult problems have a solution.
Hydraulic systems
Beralon can clean various size systems and handle oil filtering in accordance with the required ISO 9001 standards. Immediate payback is possible in the following areas: Pre-commissioning/preoperational cleaning, Decontamination of potable water piping, Degreasing/cleaning of parts and equipment, degreasing/cleaning of lubrication oil systems, and the Removal of oil and grease in air lines.

Hydro-blasting and high pressure washing

Beralon conducts a range of hydro-blasting and high pressure washing services, including tank cleaning.

Beralon’s tank cleaning operations are an excellent example of the way in which we have adapted our machinery and methods to respond to diverse and often highly specialised challenges.
Built by our own technicians, the tank cleaning unit is a mobile, highly efficient, high powered and cost effective cleaning system which can also be used in conjunction with our chemical cleaning and hydroblasting systems.

Designed to be user-friendly it can be set up quickly and with a minimum of fuss. All that’s required is a 440 volt power supply and air (approximately 50ft3per minute at 50 psi. The unit can be set up to 30mm from tank (standard) water pressure, up to 400 metres on request.

This is specifically required for fully flame-proof areas as the pump for returning the liquid to the tank is an air-operated Wilden pump which is capable of passing 3/4 inch solids that would be filtered out at the main unit.

The main pump is a Grunfos multi-stage pump with a capacity of 200 metres at 15m3per hour.
Beralon’s unit cleans tanks, spheres and vessels and is capable of cleaning round tanks up to 12,000,000 litres, spheres with a diameter up to 50 metres, as well as vessels up to 40 metres long.

The TofteJorg head we utilise is recognised as the most advanced design in the world.
Beralon staff have confined space certification to enable them to work in a variety of confined space tank and bilge environments.

Vacuum and other pipeline flushing and cleaning

It just takes time until calcium scale starts building up inside the pipe work of a vacuum systems, such as toilets. The flow reduces and eventually the system is blocked. It is not always easy to locate, let alone solve these blockages. Getting access to the pipes often takes demolishing elements of the locations’s interior and always means downtime in the system and all the additional inconvenience that results from it.

The most common solution is to avoid blockage by the periodic cleaning of the system. As this involves taking out of operation lines of toilets or other systmes, it is obvious that the cure is often worse than the problem. The disconnected line may be saturated in diluted acid (which does not only disrupt the services on board, but may also cause damage by leakage) or recirculated in a closed loop, which is more effective, but may have the same negative effects.

With Cee-Bee™ MR Maritime you need not experience any of these problems.

Cee-Bee™ MR Maritime specialist products are proven industry leaders in cleaning all types of vacuum pipelines.

Toilets and other systems can remain in operation while servicing and cleaning is performed

No damage to pipework, toilet mechanisms or biological sewage treatment plants

No problems with Loro, Blucher or other push fitting points and pipes

Mobile and easy to setup digital dosing units are the heart of the cleaning program

Sanitation & Disenfection Services

Beralon provides disinfection services in order to ensure drinking water safety. The most commonly used disinfection processes arechlorination and Chloramination, but ozone, ultraviolet irradiation and chlorine dioxide are also used. Biocide washes can be used in order to control bacteria and biofilms which may become established inside new and existing pipework These methods are very effective in killing bacteria and can be reasonably effective in inactivating viruses (depending on type) and many protozoa, including Giardia.

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The company is ISO 9001 accredited and a Defence Approved Supplier. We put safety, quality and exceptional service first and can tailor individual cost effective solutions which ensure customer satisfaction every time. Learn more