Industrial Services

Providing industrial and commercial services for over 33 years, with a NEW and EXPANDED range of project mobilisation

We put “service” first and can tailor solutions in order to ensure our customers complete satisfaction. Our success relies on our simple objective to deliver a cost-effective solution to each and every customer. Having the right people, the right equipment, and a strong belief in service and value helps ensure continuing business from our extensive customer base.

Beralon is one of the most experienced and qualified industrial services companies in Australia.

Diverse and Dynamic industrial service projects mobilised quickly, efficiently and cost effectively

Vacuum LoadingVacuum Loading_442x294_72px

A wide range of EPA licensed vacuum loading and transportation solutions – whatever the liquid waste and wherever it is.

Whatever your need we can supply equipment and staff at short notice.


Cleaning and remediation often requires preparation and earthworks especially for tanks and equipment that has been in place for many years.

We can call on a range of excavation equipment to meet your needs whatever the task.

High Pressure Cleaning and Surface PreparationHigh Pressure Cleaning_441x294_72px

With the environment your focus (and ours!) we can provide a range of non-intrusive surface and equipment preparation before projects are undertaken.

High and Ultra High Pressure water jet cleaning is quick and efficient and works on most unwanted deposits.

Tank CleaningTank Cleaning_442x294_72px

With Confined Space certifications, all the required equipment, first class training, skills and expertise built up over 33 years, we deal with all ranges of tanks and the safe disposal of their contents.

Beralon’s tank cleaning operations are an excellent example of the way in which we have adapted our machinery and methods to respond to diverse and often highly specialised challenges. Built by our own technicians, the tank cleaning unit is a mobile, highly efficient, high powered and cost-effective cleaning system which can also be used in conjunction with our chemical cleaning and hydro blasting systems.

Designed to be user-friendly it can be set up quickly and with a minimum of fuss. All that’s required is a 440-volt power supply and air (approximately 50ft3per minute at 50 psi. The unit can be set up to 30mm from tank (standard) water pressure, up to 400 metres on request.

This is specifically required for fully flame-proof areas as the pump for returning the liquid to the tank is an air-operated Wilden pump which is capable of passing 3/4-inch solids that would be filtered out at the main unit.

The main pump is a Grunfos multi-stage pump with a capacity of 200 metres at 15m3per hour.
Beralon’s unit cleans tanks, spheres and vessels and is capable of cleaning round tanks up to 12,000,000 litres, spheres with a diameter up to 50 metres, as well as vessels up to 40 metres long.

The TofteJorg head we utilise is recognised as the most advanced design in the world. Our methods of the tank cleaning guarantee the least quantity of fresh water used and subsequently the least waste generated.

Liquid, Solid and Contaminated Waste RemovalContaminated_Waste_442x294_72px

Whatever the waste we Vacuum it, shovel it, pick it or load it and take it off site with no fuss. All done quickly and efficiently and disposed of fully in accordance with EPA and all regulatory requirements.

Plant Maintenance and OperationsPlant_Maintenance_440x294_72px

No matter what you need onsite for your industrial projects we can provide on-site discrete projects or manage the whole operation for you.

Dynamic and adaptable operations and maintenance solutions are our speciality.

Beralon takes Quality, Safety and the Environment seriously and consistently achieves the highest standards in all areas of our work.

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The company is ISO 9001 accredited and a Defence Approved Supplier. We put safety, quality and exceptional service first and can tailor individual cost effective solutions which ensure customer satisfaction every time. Learn more