Chem Clean vs Hydro Jetting

One of the known limitations of Hydro Jetting:
When hydro jetting via “flexible lancing” through the boilers tubes, in many cases the hydro jet doesn’t reach all areas especially tight radius bends and in many cases leaving areas unclean with scale remaining in place that in due course can lead to the failure of one or more tubes through hot spots. For other known limitations, follow this link to read the full article on LinkedIn.

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Clean Air World

Beralon is very pleased to be offering a range of Clean Air products in the Asia Pacific region through our new subsidiary business – Clean Air Asia Pacific. Our product range is based on a unique mixture which provides a more balanced and hygenic environment that eliminates pathogens and allergens that cause disease. Comprehensive information is available now on

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Our new in-house hot tank charge air cooler and exchanger cleaning treatment and service

We are pleased to announce that since our announcement last September, our new in-house full treatment service has become increasingly popular. We have limited reservations available so please call us to make your reservation asap.

We can treat charge air coolers, Oil Coolers and Heat Exchangers up to 1.8M-L x 1M-W x 0.7M-H. We offer high pressure steam clean, hot tank alkaline chemical clean to remove oils, paints and carbon build up, and acid cleaning in our to remove all oxidisation or corrosion present, to ensure all Mild Steel, Brass and CuNi looks like new, also fin straightening to ensure coolers work […]

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